Hip-hop has constantly and consistently been about innovation and evolution. Los Angeles, ever since the acclaimed legacies of The World Class Wrecking Cru and the Mixmasters who birthed the scene, has been about blending the street with the club – predominantly the funk.  True to form L.A’s new breed of club goers and music innovators have blended the worlds of Rap, Trap and EDM together to create a new movement.
Continuing tradition, The MoonRox have been building a sizeable movement from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in and outside of the club scene blending Hip-hop with EDM and Trap. Consisting of members Little Paul, DC Yeager, and multi-platinum producer Elan Morrison, The MoonRox bring forth a bold introduction in the form of their debut single ‘Wiggle’ (featuring Christian Rashawn).

With the age-old fascination with the female form as the topic,  ‘Wiggle’ effortlessly  sews in and out of multiple genres in a funky psychedelic and hypnotic fashion that enables vocalists Little Paul and Christian Rashawn to paint vivid pictures against Elan’s sensually strong canvas and textured with DC Yeager’s melodic brush strokes. The result is a body moving, emotive masterpiece that continues to push the evolution of music while giving the strip club, house party, and night club something to get lit to.
Now signed to Ahmet (son of the great Frank Zappa) Zappa’s ‘Unicorn Vinyl’ The MoonRox are gearing up to make a firm imprint in the international scene by pushing LA’s new sound to the world.

Pick up the single here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1104651439 request it on all good radio stations and in all good clubs, now.

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