Auckland Champion NABBA Figure Novice winner.


70s music from the classic Arnie Doco “Pumping Iron” plays in the background, a classic documentary of him in his earlier years. I watch as he demonstrates “flexing”, each muscle defined in detail. No this part of my writing schedule was not planned. I try find the navigator of the TV remote and notice a small body in his tighty whities posing in front of the sliding door, oh the influence of Arnie in his undies still very apparent to this day. Good to see legends from a generation before still shine strong amongst those of today.

Primarily a Male sport dating back as far as 19th century, bodybuilding soon found interest among women in the circuit as early as 1970s. Women thrived for the challenge in competing and showing their results in disciplined weight training, fast forward to 2015 New Zealand’s very own “Sylvia Kara”, a modern day “Cory Everson”. No doubt she’s probably going to break the internet really soon with her toned physique, a mother, successful makeup artist and now “Auckland Champion NABBA Figure Novice winner” Sylvia Kara is currently the most notable woman on the rise. So I decided to have a quick “woman” to “woman” chit chat with Sylvia and get some exclusive notes on how she started her journey into figure building.


Q1/ where were you, and what was going through your mind at that defining moment you thought about taking that step into figure building…

It was about 2 years ago, I was coming to the end of my very first 12 week challenge with MK Nutrition and I was doing a PT Sessions with a very inspiring woman Tee Richards, we had finished our workout and we were just catching up and she mentioned to me that I would be the perfect candidate to do a body building comp. At that stage I never imagined in the world that I could do that, I thought only people without kids did that sort of stuff. Tee planted that seed in my mind and it played on my mind for months! At the time I was a stay at home mum with 3 kids, my husband worked away for weeks at a time so I had the job of cleaning the house, cooking, kids sports, I only just started my own business Phat Hair and Makeup so I had a lot on my plate at that moment. I always dreamed about being on the stage but how I was going to get there played on my mind more, how was I going to get there being in the situation I was in? After our big move back home to NZ in 2014 from being on the Gold Coast for 6 years, I had more support with the kids, which gave me more time to build my business and to focus on my long time goal to get on that stage. the motivation for me was the Challenge, more mental than physical, I love a good challenge and when I conquer something that seems to be impossible to me at that moment is just so satisfying for me, that’s with everything I do not just with body building but with everything in life. So I decided 2015 was going to be the year I achieve that goal! And I DID IT!!


Q2/ why is it so important to define yourself as a woman and put your best foot forward?

It’s important to satisfy your inner self and have no doubt what so ever that you gave it your all to deliver 110% in whatever situation you put yourself in. It’s always rewarding for me to look back and say “I did that” and have no self doubt that you could have done any better. Always put your best foot forward ladies! You never know what opportunities may come your way…


Q3/ Share with us your favourite quick fix and affordable healthy meal 

Good Question! It would either have to be my shake which is 250mls of water a scoop of protein powder (cookies and cream is my fav) a teaspoon of peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. OR 100 grams of either kumara or pumpkin a cup of veggies or salad and a can of lite tomato tuna. These are my favourite cause they are hard and fast to prepare.


Q4/ Can NZ look forward to seeing you again out there on that stage?

ABSOLUTELY! This recent comp was my very first competition; I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, all my hard work at the gym and in the kitchen definitely paid off on stage. I came in better then what I imagined and my confidence was through the roof haha I walked on stage and smiled the whole time I was on there, taking it all in and just enjoying the moment. Through winning my class at the Auckland NABBA Championships I now have my ticket into the New Zealand Nationals which is in October, I’m hoping to come in with a bigger upper body this time round, I have also had the opportunity to do Club Physicals Competition which is on the 22nd of August which is only 3 weeks away. This is only just the beginning for me, and I’m sure many more doors will be opened from these 2 up and coming competitions.

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