Stanley Kubrick’s biographer John Baxter stated that the music in 2001 was always “at the forefront of Kubrick’s mind” in order to set the tone, and even re-direct the movie during editing. Likewise, the second single from Ryu’s ‘Tanks For The Memories’ album (available everywhere September 9th, 2016), “Radio Pollution” is a sonic voyage into a Kubrick-ish quasi-reality of what might be, should the underground rise and features fellow WildeLife Records artists and long-time friends: Gravity Christ and Divine Styler.

Ryu with the help of Gravity Christ and Divine Styler pay an effervescent homage to Kubrick’s work as each MC ferociously weaves their lyrical prowess and displays vocal dominance on the mind-bending Divine Styler composition.

Infectious vocal barrages from Ryu, Gravity Christ and the legend Divine Styler himself, in what resembles an audible fusion ‘2001, A Space Odyssey,’ ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Full Metal Jacket’ while the visuals from The Epixx, capture the essence of the song succinctly.


Experiencing both mainstream and independent, underground successes, Ryan ‘Ryu’ Maginn is finally venturing into a realm of soloist for his album ‘TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES’.  “Tanks For The Memories is a metaphor for the battles I’ve fought throughout my career in the music business. That would include the bad and the good. You win some, but in my case I’ve lost a lot as well. In the end, I believe I’ll win the war.”

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