So… Who are you?
The Gift: We are The Outsiders.
Dash: Yeah. That’s the perfect answer. We are the Outsiders….


I got to chill with a very small handful of the boys, but this handful was enough to represent them all. They carried the rest with them honourably and made sure I knew who was missing. Too many to recall. I love these guys, they’ve always been the fxckin bradas! I know them a lot more than most would, but still learnt a lot more about them…

So I organised to meet the boys at Silo Park and there was some media thing going on, I dunno there were massive lights and cameras and Stone turns up like: ‘Bro, I thawt that was your set up I was like – ummmm I really didn’t dress for this. Lols.’

No sorry Stone, we haven’t cracked it that graciously yet, but you are a part of this legacy now and when we do get that sort of set up, I’ll make sure to have you on my hit list.
So, no fancy cameras or lights sorry – I made them sit with me Outside a covered escalator door entrance, where the acoustics were best for recording their voices… On my iphone… Lols.

I had with me:
Dash: Whose comfort zone is in his room, and his spirit is in his notepad.
T-Rav: Whose complexities are colourful like a puzzled rubix cube.
Stone: The ultimate Outsider-jungle-man whose friendships evidently branch out between many worlds.
The Gift (TG): Who is a blank canvas in a white room, ready to portrait his stories of lightning storms…
And Spewer: Whose world is concentrated on focusing his thawts into his purpose, like being in an anechoic chamber where the Outside world is shut out… You could say he’s inside-Out…

Beautiful if you think about it.
How different and uniquely shaped these beings are, yet they can come together collectively and live with each other infinitely…

RawThawt: So what’s Outsiders about?
Spewer: The Outsiders started as a krump crew. It was me, Kevin and Darius… And Dash? Were you there? We were already making music but we didn’t really have a crew name. So I thawt: Oh, let’s just be Outsiders, a big collective of dancers and rappers; MCs, producers… Have you seen the movie or read the book? Just like that…
TG: My definition of Outsiders is that — we’re a crew that think Outside the box and we keep it overall original… We’re all strictly hip-hop but we all have our own styles, like I’m more mainstream —
Spewer: Yeah he’s mainstream as and we’re all underground.
TG: Mainstream is more – stuff to make people FEEL. Some people look at us like “Who are these dudes?”
Spewer: People don’t even know he’s [TheGift] Outsiders.
Dash: That’s how Outside he is.
Spewer: We don’t really make music together but when we do its fire. Overall, its family and we have branches, so this dude [TheGift] is Gift Wrapped and he’s Outsiders and I’m Outsiders.
T-Rav: Just watching what these dudes do, sparked me up. They tried different things and it made me want to give it a go.
TG: There’s no levels to it. We all on the same plane, I’m not higher than anyone, he’s not higher than anyone…
Dash: I’m higher than all you motherfxckers right here.
TG: He’s [Dash] high right now haha.
Dash: When we go to gigs and stuff, were all Outside, you can see it in our behaviour. We’re never rude just real quiet. All of us.
TG: Have you seen Bring The Funk Back clip? They were there! But they were Outside! That’s how Outside they were!
Spewer: And we call this guy [TheGift] the Outsider of the Outsiders cos he’s just – gotta answer our calls…
TG: These dudes rock a New Zealand accent and I rock a half and half type, Americanised. See, they had each other – and I did it alone, that’s how I started.
Stone: And I’m just Outside playing. Playing in the Outside world…
TG: We’re just different. If you compare us to any other rap crew, like – Wu Tang, I mean like – they all knew each other and all kicked it first but we came together through life. We’re different cos we’re all different.
Dash: But that’s the seed right there… [Points to Spewer] The seed was planted and you’re just looking at the branches.
Spewer: Or the roses…
TG: Or the mokos…
Spewer: The mokos –

[We all laugh cos its an inside joke]

RawThawt: So is there any music that you are all on collectively?
All: Still I remain.
Spewer: This guy [TheGift] was meant to be on it but –
Dash: Then nah there isn’t. You’re looking at a percentage of us. Take us back four years… We were active! And now – life caught up. As it does.
Spewer: But we still grinding individually just to drop the tapes. This dude [Dash] just dropped a tape. This dude [T-Rav] he’s greedy with his beats, he’s got music you’ll never ever hear in your life. Maddest ideas on earth.
T-Rav: Alotta my work is inspired by these guys.
Dash: This dudes [T-Rav] just graduated from AU…
T-Rav: Yeah I did my underground in Criminology and Media and now I’m doing my Post-Grad Diploma in Media.

RawThawt: Mean! Has anyone else graduated from anything?
Stone: I graduated in Street Knowledge. I grew up in Melbourne, that’s the most artistic place in the Southern Hemisphere.

RawThawt: Mmmmh it’s beautiful!
TG: Woah, woah, woah! Have you been to Otara lately? Haha. I graduated with a Diploma in 2D & 3D Animation…

(And Spewer is currently at SAE doing his Diploma in Audio Engineering.)

So, as they have already explained – They’re a collective of individuals coming together to support one another, pretty much. They have their own styles and produce their own sound but are belonging to their family of Outsiders.
So I guess we have to break it down to each one for themselves huh?

RawThawt: So what made you want to do music?
T-Rav: With me, music wasn’t anything big at first. I remember being in class with Dash and we would just spit some freestyles when the teacher wasn’t looking ay.
Dash: G, we skipped school and went to Spewer’s to record a track.
T-Rav: Yeah Dash introduced me to Spew. Long walks on the main road…
Dash: Had to take off the school uniform cos the police would take you back to school…
T-Rav: I’m glad that day happened cos I met Spew and from there the connections go on… I haven’t released anything yet cos it’s not perfect in my eyes, or in my ears so to speak. My sound – general life, what I see. Unconscious. Intellectual.
Dash: For me, it’s just like – Growing up, I came back from Sydney and I was 11, and you know from 11 onwards is when you start learning the ropes in life, lifelong habits and shit… The music I was hearing at the time was just really Americanised and I’m a really passionate person of like… If they can do it with THAT sound, then we can do it with OUR sound!
So I stuck with the whole New Zealand thing. That’s what I wana hear more of. That’s what I wana hear more of on the radio.
I read something you were talking about with BKidd, he was saying they’ll spend $180 to go see someone they don’t even know and won’t spend ten bucks on a local artist. That’s the change I wana see in music. That’s why I write.
Stone: I’m a people person full of ideas, just lacking the grind at the moment. I like talking about the stresses in life and how to overcome them. Everyday situations you could have problematically or positively. I just express life really.
I’m an Outsider – my connection is Spew’s brother from another mother – thank the heavenly father – LOL just a few lines. I appreciate music and like – krump, I don’t necessarily like to go out and do krump battles and performances but chuck me in the back yard, have a few drinks and maybe get stone’ and just call it improvisation. Yeah, that’s Stone in a rock.
TG: Music pursues everything. Therapeutic. My thing is planting seeds, helping people do what they do. My music in a nutshell is what my name is. I like doing everything, I try and fit every genre. When people say ‘I can’t rap to that beat’ I try and rap to every beat. I’ve never limited myself.
Spewer: It’s always been around my family. My parents introduced me to hip-hop. My old man loves Zapp & Roger, he’s from West Coast, grew up in LA. My mom used to dance, she was a breaker… My brothers used to break dance, MC… And I was just their shadow.
What I’m tryna push is like – ‘Positive’ like – you’ll never hear me swear in a track cos I want kids to listen to it, cos how you’re in a car full of kids and a swear word comes on you quickly change it, so if you don’t swear, you can get the kids to listen to it. Since last year Feb, I’ve turned to gospel rap, cos I know I was given this talent from my heavenly father so I have to use it to influence good and not negative. But the boys know I can spit bars.
I also make beats – Shout out to LexLevL – he helped me out. He’s an Outsider too. Shout out to TG [TheGift] I recorded my first track ever at his house in Kura. But yeah just tryna get a bunch of people together to create something that hasn’t been created. A positive message. Hip-hop’s already here but we can do it in a different way.
Shout outs to Madis, Kids, Lifi, Jams, J-Rip.

RawThawt: So what would be some suggestions of music?
Dash: If you want to know me, listen to ‘Blank Reaction’ it’s on YouTube, I gotta clip. Spew shot it with his metal ladder… (Inside joke)
TG: – I love that song bro that’s a mad song!
Dash: That explains me in a nutshell, that song tells my story. It’s “Blank Reaction – Dash NZ” sometimes you don’t have to type NZ for it to come up…. Ayyyyyy.
Stone: I like ‘Gotta get more’ by Spew and Dash on YouTube.
Dash: This guy put me ON to the maximus! Spew – Oliva! If it wasn’t for this dude I wouldn’t be spitting.
Stone:Break up to make up!
T-Rav: That’s a hard one ay, they all on the same level. But ‘Still I Remain’ cos its majority of everyone and it shows you there’s some good unity in there man.
Dash: If you want Outsiders in a nutshell, listen to that shit. We all speak on behalf of TG cos he wasn’t on it.
Spew: He was supposed to but he didn’t wana come over and record…
Stone: I also like Madis’ 100 Bars. That was just a one hit take. I got to experience it live –
TG: That was fire!
Stone: – while he was driving!
Spew: It was only me and him in the room so no-one else will know it’s real.
Stone: He was dropping me off home and he goes “This is what I’m gonna record with Spew” and he dropped 100 bars while he was driving! Dodging traffic. He just killed it off.
Dash: That’s the One Taker Man.
TG: That’s the Iron Lungs.
Spew: He will beat any MC in NZ.
TG: Straydup.
Dash: Straydup.
Stone: Straaaaydup.
TG: From the boys – Blank Reaction, Letter To My Son… The whole Anchor Vol. 2 –
Dash: Yuup!
TG: That was crazy. Mine… Let Me Speak, which is on my next project, with Sir T – I reckon it’s kinda the message to show what I actually got. It’s purely just what I wanted to do. Breakup To Make Up got heaps of reception – it just explained how a guy holds it down but not in a gay way…
Stone: Bro I love that track that was the story of my life at one point.
Spewer: I would like anyone and everyone to hear my latest track that is about taking things for granted. Everything we see you know: Tree’s, clouds. Second verse is like – don’t take PEOPLE for granted you know, your parents, family, friends, our Saviour and Creator. Plus it shows the production skills that I’ve attained through school. It’s probably my best production ever – Everything is live. I recorded it with a band. It’s got a message there. It’s got truth. I wrote it. Produced it. Recorded it. It’s called ‘You Are Blessed.’
Stone: I witnessed it. I wanted it so bad I just wanted to leak the CD – Right now!
Spewer: ‘Just Do It’ by Madis. It just says why you should do things for your family watching over you. Your boys who motivate you, fam and friends who keep you up. You can find that track on Artefacts (Madis’ latest mixtape)… Yo.

This was my first group interview, and to write up on it was quite hard because I wanted to give you that feeling of actually being there but without going off track too much.
And usually I would have so much to say to add on, but these guys have spoken for themselves!
I managed to listen to some tracks, I couldn’t find ‘Break Up to Make Up’ but the rest I have either heard or just listened in now.
The kiwi accent is a heart throb. It makes me proud to show people the music of our original sound.
I haven’t got much to add, they said it all. I think it’s quite a hard thing to adjust to for me, meeting the squad as a unit and then interviewing the few who are still grinding. Gonna miss Madis for a while, he kills.

Check out the links I’ve added in. The lasts drop was ‘Southern Comfort EP’ and it’s a real smooth EP, I really like the first track ‘South Side’ cos it reminds me of where I came from. Even though I was raised out West, I can still relate to the ‘general lifestyle’ of the South Side residents.

Aw bro, before I gap it, any last words? I’m gonna end mines here.

Thanks for being patient with me, thanks for also being a part of this journey with me!
I got to finally feature with Spew on a track! I’m waiting for that to drop!
m holding TG to the ‘free recording’ now since he charged me a hunnid buck couply years ago haha.

Mad love boys, keep going – you can only go further the more you chose to.
As the fxckin bradas always say…

O’s UP!

RawThawt x

Dash: Yo! On behalf of all of us I’d like to say thank you to RawThawt… Uh – Southern Comfort – The EP. 6 tracks. My names Dash ft. Judah Kidd. You can find that shit on Stay High Music. Thanks BigMouf cos we got big moufs.
T-Rav: You’ll – You’ll hear my name in time. Don’t worry.
Stone: Just Stone, St. One. Showin the love.
TG: Uhhhhm this is TG –
Dash: –  Phone home.


TG: – Phone home, check if your girlfriends there. Haha.
Dash: Which one lah? Nah jokes jokes!
TG: Um –  Check out Southern Comfort if you haven’t copped it.
Dash: – Appreciate it!
TG: Check out all Spewer’s mixtapes. All hundred of them lol – go on soundcloud and check out my music and – Rhythm & Writtens coming soon. Aka RAW!
Spewer: Oliva Th’Spewer. Shout out to the uso’s Dash, T-Rav, Stone, TG, J-Rip, Madis – Outsiders – Correct, Lex Level, Kids in Oz, Lifi. Yo – Night Outsiders.
Shout out to inspiration – Tom Scott, Home Brew, Team Dynamite,  Tony Tz, Lucky Lance, Haz Beats – Alko, he lives on my street. Shout out to Spelly Spells –
I’m just gonna name alotta NZ artists that are putting it down.
Rizvan, Document, David Dallas – some rappers over sea’s – Soul Benefits, Poetic, one of the best. P-Money.
Shout out to RawThawt – Dusty and Free Minds, Bad Crop – they’re holding it down.


Written By
Raw Thawt