It’s been pretty-much non-stop since returning from Los Angeles a little over a month ago, completely revitalised with new music and an increased drive into the industry.  One of the reasons for that, is the Los Angeles trio Breaking Heights. A group I was privileged enough to be introduced to, via mutual friends. A group I fell in love with and returned home with music from.

Breaking Heights has a pure, earthy sound and one that fuses Hip-hop with psych-pop and funk to create something astoundingly new and fresh. Their debut single ‘High’ and it’s accompanying video come across as a modernised Brit-pop druggish anthem that draws its core feel from the mid 1990’s but the result is a timeless anthem that intoxicates listeners immediately.


Listeners and fans can expect to hear and see a lot more of Breaking Heights in the not too distant future. In fact, their debut EP is due out 4/20 (April 20th).


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